Our lessons

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Our courses 3x 1h30 / 4x 1h30 / 5x 1h30 start on Monday

Students must arrive 15 minutes before the time of the session

Suitable material: Softboard (foam) and 3/2 mm Neoprene suit.

Our session packs

5 packs according to your level of practice


1:30 hour to feel and understand the sensations of skiing safely with a qualified instructor.
All discoveries are with water up to the waist. Learning the concepts of security and making vague. Teaching of skiing with a surfboard (placement, timing, balance …). Placing surfing basics of recovery (take off).

1x 1H30 – 39€ / pers.


I want more

A little better than the session discovered but it remains to finish cycle 3x 1h30 to be autonomy in practice.

2x 1H30 – 70€ / pers.



This is the minimum to learn surfing basics that let you develop alone safely. Three days during which we will teach the dangers of the ocean, making waves, take off your first wave surfed through was the best method of initiation of surfing bases all along the coast of the Gironde.

3x 1H30 – 95€ / pers.


Advanced session

It is not bad but remains to finish cycle 5x 1h30 to surf real waves alone and safely.

4x 1H30 – 120€ / pers.



More demanding physically this course requires more commitment.
With this course we will answer all the questions you ask during the week: the weather, the environment, technical activity, the history of surfing and related disciplines. Suitable for sports it will bring you the essential knowledge and skills for independent practice surfing safely.

5x 1H30 – 145€ / pers.