Beach Culture

In this chronic we will discuss life on the beach on a daily basis.
The dangers to be known, the right attitudes to adopt, how to protect oneself, to be healed, to preserve oneself. How to anticipate the weather, the swell and how to read a map.

Analyzing the weather

Understand the weather tools to analyze, predict.

The isobaric map

It is made up of isobaric plots that represent lines of equal pressure. It is from these plots that one can estimate the position of active centers such as depressions and anticyclones, these generators of time on our planet.

These maps are drawn from numerical data obtained from the different forecast models. They are plotted for periods of up to 10 days, in 6-hour intervals.

The isobaric figures allow to estimate the direction and the speed of the wind. The direction of the wind is determined in relation to the active centers. A wind exits the anticyclone clockwise, describing at sea level an angle of about 20 ° with the isobars. A wind enters a vacuum, in a counterclockwise direction, describing an angle of about 20 ° with the isobars.

The wind speed is proportional to the horizontal pressure gradient between two points, that is to say the distance between two isobaric lines. The estimation of this velocity is modified according to the curvature of the isobars and the latitude of the worked point.