Our values

Created in 1999, the Gurp surf school aims to teach the practice of surfing but also its vision of the activity through its philosophy of 3 respects.

respect the environment

At the Gurp surf school, by deepening your knowledge of the ocean and its whims on the weather, on the forest, dunes, flora and fauna of the Atlantic coast Girondin we learn to respect this fragile environment and evolve safely there.


Because we live in a time when people no longer go towards each other and that human relationships are difficult because of differences of each and pervasive intolerance in all of us, to Gurp surf school we prepare you and help in your efforts of all the “surf”.


All sports require material handling and maintenance.
Surfing more than any other activity in this case.
Because it is expensive and complex to Gurp surf school we allow you to study its evolution through history but also to understand its functioning thanks to the assimilation of the parameters for its production.

The Understanding, the mastery and the safety of the discipline so we can give the students autonomy in the water are the main objectives of Le Gurp Surf School.

In a unique location where nature is still well preserve, we offer you a special and magical experience in a friendly fun and social environment.

On the beach of Le Gurp, which is very safe compared to the rest of the coast, you will be able to experience the fun of riding the waves in a relaxed atmosphere with the friendly and expert advice of our instructor.

With well suited equipment, mainly softboards, our objective is to make you have a maximum of fun and to share plenty of good times in a social environment with your family and/or friends at the same time as you learn the basics of surfing.

Our school is very friendly and we will do whatever it takes to help you improve your surfing, we are there to share our experience of the sport and thus transmit to you the essential rules and ethics of the surf culture.

The whole team speaks either English or German or French or a combination of these languages, which allows better communication and understanding for everybody during the courses or outside of them !